Fear at Avon Valley Scream Park

Attending Fear at Avon Valley Scream Park was a no brainer for us, being based in Bristol, we go to the pumpkin patch at Avon Valley with our family every year to pick our pumpkins for our family pumpkin carving event, so going to the scream park was just a natural progression and what better day to go than my Birthday!

Previous to this, we had done two horror nights at Universal Studios, so our expectations were set pretty high but honestly, this event did not disappoint. There were a total of 5 houses, and we had ample time to go through all of them, sit and have food and drinks and even get shown some magic tricks by the MOST INCREDIBLE magician, honestly, we are still in shock over how he managed to pull off some of the tricks, he was amazing, and I even got a free cola lolly out of it so the experience couldn’t of gone better really!

Food wise, you’ve got your typical street food, which is always super tasty, and this included loaded fries which I am always all over! For drinks, they have your standard drinks, spirits with mixers but then they also have fun themed drinks which I will always get as I just love me a thematic cocktail for the full immersive experience.

Malefica was the standout house for us, the way those nuns moved and crawled was amazing and something I was not expecting in the slightest. At HHN, it is mostly people jumping out, I’ve never experienced scare actors crawling across the floor (let alone at such speed) so I was super impressed! We went through this house twice as we loved it so much, once at the beginning and once at the end and honestly, the energy both times from the scare actors was 10/10. That goes for all the scare actors there, they really do put their heart and soul into their performance and it’s incredible to be around!

The Core was such a unique experience, you walk through an abandoned sewage plant in a pair of waders and it doesn’t rely on that to be the gimmick, the house design is amazing, I would recommend not wearing your BEST clothes to the event, in the event that you do get accidently splashed (I have heard tales of a friend of a friend screaming through the house to not ruin their Burberry trench in which the mental image will always bring me joy).

Fear at Avon Valley Scream Park has now become a tradition in this household, and we cannot wait until the 2024 season begins!

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