The Ghostly Gazette & Me!

The Ghostly Gazette & Me!

Hi everyone!

I thought it would be a fun idea to have a little blog area on Ghostly Goods where I can ramble on about fun horror films and events!

I thought I would also use this first blog post to re-introduce myself as it has been a long time since we had an 'about me' page.

My name is Emily, and during lockdown, I joined forces with my graphic designer boyfriend (who is now my husband) to create Ghostly Goods. We both met in college, I was studying fashion, while he was studying Graphic Design and we quickly became inseparable :) 

Ghostly Goods started in 2020, the same year I graduated from UAL: London College of Fashion with a BSc in Fashion Management. I came back home to Bristol and worked in the merchandising field before giving it up fully to work at Ghostly Goods. 

My interest in horror began quite young, after much nagging to my mum that I wanted to watch a horror movie, she gave in with the nice and tame, The Lost Boys, I loved it so much, I pretty much put it on repeat for the next few days straight and it is still my favourite movie to this day! My interest in the genre grew and we would watch the House of 1000 Corpses UK Horror premiere together on the horror channel and she would also seek out fun movies like The Uninvited (1988), Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979), and Troll 2 (1990). As I've grown into my 20's my love for practical effects has solidified and a deep love for Giallo movies has also come into play.

I hope you love my little shop as much as I do and I apologise in advance for the ramblings of my blog area, I am not much of a writer but I am trying haha!

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