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Retro-a-go-go! - Grandpa's DRAG-U-LA Collectable Pin

Retro-a-go-go! - Grandpa's DRAG-U-LA Collectable Pin

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Grandpa Munster created the drool-worthy Drag-U-La, so he could win back the Munsters Koach, which Herman lost in a drag race. Never fear, Grandpa Munster is here, and he of course, saves the day!

Pin measures: 1.3"T x 1.75"W

Each enamel pin is sealed with a clear coat finish, creating a smooth surface in both look and feel. Pin is featured on a black heavy stock paper packed in a clear sleeve in officially licensed Munsters packaging!

New pin feature: On back-side there are two prongs with rubber backers to secure pin to whatever surface you select. The pin is easy to fasten and will hold itself in place.

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