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Retro-a-go-go! - Happy Cat Mini Metal Sign

Retro-a-go-go! - Happy Cat Mini Metal Sign

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This Crazy Cat has nine lives and is the purr-fect addition to any wall of your choice. This original Retro-a-go-go! artwork is inspired by the fun and sort of creepy Halloween masks that were popular in the 1950's thru the 1970's. Colorful and graphic in their own right--perfect for a night of fright! Collect them all! Starting your collection here is purrfect! Meow, use one of those nine lives today

This custom metal sign measures 9.94"h x 8.13"w.

This plasma cut out metal sign is hand made in the USA using heavy gauge american steel and a process known as sublimation, where the image is baked into a powder coating for a durable and long lasting finish.

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