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Retro-a-go-go! - Man Wolf Mini Monster

Retro-a-go-go! - Man Wolf Mini Monster

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Some of us don't prefer a clean shave, especially when we are out to howl and misbehave. His shadow, believe it or not, is hairy too, he just grows hair from top to bottom so what can he do!
His teeth are sharp and yellow not white, bring the hairy one home and dial up the fright!

Each Mini Monster Box Contains:

  • 7" Tall Ready-to-Hang Vac-tastic Plastic Mini Wall Decor Mask

  • 18" Tall Ready-to-Hang Jointed Retro Figure. Each dressed in costume and ready to decorate any wall, window or door.

  • As always comes packaged in an amazing Retro Window Box designed to display your monsters in or out of the box.

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